Small scale screw piles
install with impact wrench for
decks, pergolas & outbuildings
  • No heavy digging or pouring
  • Save time & money
  • 3-5 minute installation
Large scale screw piling:
adjustable connections
Fast installation
  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Minimal site disturbance
  • Get deeper, much easier
How the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM works:

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM
is a smart no-dig footing solution that consists of:

1 GroundPlug® TwisterTM, 1 bracket & 1 bolt with washer

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM
can be installed fast and easy with a common impact wrench
in only 2 minutes per screw pile.

GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM
- Screw pile foundations

GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM provides engineered screw pile foundations for residential use. The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a no-dig, no-pour, screw pile footing solution, designed to make the foundation process much faster and more efficient.

GroundPlug®  TwisterTM screw pile footings can be used for a number of outdoor structures, including deck footing, greenhouse footing, shed footing and foundations for granny flats, small cabins, pergolas, retaining wall, arbors and more . The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is fully compliant with Australian Standards.

Save significant time and labour on foundations

Applications for Groundplug® Easy Mounting SystemTM

Deck & Porch Foundations

Landscaping & Walkway Footing
The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a fast and easy screw pile foundation solution for landscaping projects. No digging and hauling heavy concrete for your boardwalk or walkway. The GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings take only 1-2 minutes to install.

Foundation for Sheds & Outbuildings
Need foundations for a garden shed, workshop or other outbuilding? The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM offers a super easy, fast installable and durable foundation solution than concrete footings. No digging or pouring. The GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile foundations can be driven into the ground an impact wrench in 1-2 minutes.

Trampoline Anchor & Playground Footing
Make the garden playground a safe place to play. Anchor the playground equipment for active use and winter storms. The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a solid and highly durable anchor for garden swings, playhouses and trampolines. Easily installed in just 15 seconds per GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile.

Arbor & Pergola Footing
Building a pergola, gazebo, archway or arbor? With the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile foundations, your project is easily achieved. No need to dig or pour. Just drive the GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings into the ground with common tools. The screw piles even come with a special post bracket and soil stiffener for extra strength.

Screw pile foundations for Granny Flats & Modular Homes
Use GroundPlug® TwisterTM screwpile foundations for granny flats, tiny homes, modular homes and guest houses. The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a highly durable and fast installable screw pile footing solution for secondary dwelling structures. No need to dig or wait for concrete foundations to dry. Install our GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw piles with an impact wrench in just 5-10 minutes per screw pile. Super efficient. No mess, no concrete!


A few words from our happy customers


Have questions about our screw pile foundation solutions? Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions:

What is the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM?

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a no-dig, no-pour screw pile footing alternative for residential outdoor building projects. The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is based on the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings that come in different size variations to suit your project. The screw pile footings are super easy to work with and can be screwed into the ground in minutes with common tools like an impact wrench, or a hand tool with socket wrench if you are just installing a few.

How do I use the GroundPlug® TwisterTM as footing?

Once you have placed and aligned the support beams of your shed, deck, carport, pergola, cabin, garden swing, playhouse, trampoline or whatever construction project project that needs a solid, durable foundation, the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings are easily driven into the ground with an impact wrench and mounted to the beams with the supplied bracket, bolt and screws. After this all supports placed for alignment can be removed.

How do I decide which size GroundPlug® TwisterTM footing to use?

The GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings come in 3 different thread diameters: M10, M12 and M16 measuring accordingly: 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm in nut dimensions. Each variation comes in a numbers of lengths with respective extender pieces for deeper reach.

Our engineers are on hand to calculate the correct size and quantity for your projects. This service is free of charge. all you need to do is fill in the appropriate form below. Your calculation will be completed within 1-2 business days.

Calculate my shed, annex, cottage or other wooden building
Calculate my deck/walkway/patio or veranda

You can also refer to the GroundPlug® TwisterTM Chart


What happens if there is a rock in the ground?

The GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings are actually much easier to work with in rocky ground than concrete footings. The fact that it only takes 20-30 seconds to install means that you find out much sooner if there is an obstacle in the ground than you would when digging for traditional concrete foundations.

Then you have 3 options:

The easiest solution is to simply move the screw pile placement slightly to one side. Alternatively, if the rock is too large might need to dig it out before installing the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile.

Another option is to drill through the rock if possible. In this case you will need to pour some concrete to support the screw pile footing, as the spiral cannot grip the rock section.

Are the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw piles affected by frost?

We have many years of experience mounting our steel footings for the railway and highway industry in Scandinavia, working in conditions of hard frost. The design of our products is adapted to cope with tough conditions and the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings were developed also for installation in frosty conditions and climates prone to heavy winter frost.

If your structure is sensitive to even minor displacement you should choose a longer screw pile that will reach frost free ground. Needed length will depend on the geographic location.

Do you use the same calculations as for concrete foundations?

The GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings can handle the same loads as equivalent concrete footings. Just be sure to select the correct  GroundPlug® TwisterTM screwpile footing size for your project and soil conditions.

Our engineering team is ready to calculate your projects free of charge.
Just fill the form here to receive your calculation within 1-2 business days

Check chart to give you an indication of which GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footing to choose for you project:

GroundPlug Twister chart

What about strength and durability?

The GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings are highly durable galvanized steel products developed and used in the Scandinavian Climate and will withstand harsh frost, stormy conditions and soaked soil. The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM products comply with Australian and European Standards and carry the CE mark. Our production facilities are ISO certified.

Are GroundPlug screw pile foundations for private or professional use?

We  supply our industry steel foundation solutions to large industries for freeway noise barriers, railway solutions and even protection against coast erosion. Our residential products have all the engineering benefits of our industrial range. They are used with time and labour saving benefits by builders, carpenters and innovative construction companies. The screw pile installation process is so easy and simple that anyone can use the system, so if you are a DIY’er, you will also find, that you can complete your project much faster and easier with GroundPlug Twister screw pile foundations. We sell and ship small and large scale to both private and professional customers.

Is the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM a more expensive solution?

If you compare only the initial cost of pouring your own concrete footing or buying a premoulded concrete footing, the unit cost of a GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footing is more expensive. However when you take into consideration the significant time saved in both installation and collection, plus the fact that GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings can easily be re-used – the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is by far a cheaper and more sustainable solution than concrete footings. Build more – dig less. What’s not to like?

Is the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM compliant with Australian Standards?

Yes! Both our steel quality and galvanization requirements are compliant with Australian Standards.
Our products are also CE-marked for compliance with Eurocode and conforms with the “Construction Products Regulation” of EU.

Our production facilities are ISO certified.

Engineered Solutions

Efficient installation

GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings were originally designed as a foundation solution for the freeway and railroad industries. Often used for technique cabinets placed alongside the railway tracks, the GroundPlug® TwisterTM footing is engineered to withstand massive pressure from trains passing at speeds up to 180 km/h.

Save time and labour

We dare to say, you can safely choose GroundPlug® TwisterTM Screw Piles for your future construction projects. Significantly reduce installation time and move on to new projects  much faster. Build more – Dig less!


Super fast installation

Super fast installation

The steel spiral of the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footing works like a wood screw. It effectively cuts its way through even hard soil with minimal disturbance of the soil structure and can be installed in just 15-30 seconds with an impact wrench.

The design of the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footing makes it a completely solid footing with no additional need for pouring or support.

Highly durable

Highly durable

Made from galvanized steel, the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings are highly durable and resistant against corrosion as well as frozen and soaked soils with a design life of 30 years+.

A range of screw pile sizes

A range of screw pile sizes

The GroundPlug® TwisterTM screwpile footing comes in 4 thread diameters: 10mm, 12mm and 16mm and 20mm. Just refer to our GroundPlug® TwisterTM Chart to find the right GroundPlug® TwisterTM for your project.

See GroundPlug® TwisterTM Chart



The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a much more sustainable solution than concrete footings. It is easily removed and can be re-used for new projects.

No digging, no pouring

No digging, no pouring

With the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings, there is no digging or pouring. Just level your beams, drive the screw pile into the ground and mount it onto the beams with the brackets.

Easy Mounting

Easy Mounting

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM consists of a GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footing with a bolt and bracket.

With the GroundPlug® TwisterTM footing you wont need to dig, level and adjust your footings several times like with concrete footings. Just level your beams, drive the GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile in the ground with a normal impact wrench and mount the bracket onto the beam - and you're done.

Quotation and project calculation in 24-48 hours.

Foundation installation for decks , outbuildings and pre-fab homes has never been so easy. Just fill in the form and we will pre-calculate your foundations needs and send you a quote within 24-48 hours. Offer accepted? We'll draw up your plan sketch and ship out your screw piles directly to the building site, your home or your office.

If you need it, you can even request a free plan sketch with optimal positioning of you footings, once you have made your order.

Finally our Australian Engineer can sign off your project at a very reasonable price, if required.

Choose one or more options.

If you do not know your soil type, remove the top 30 cm soil layers and take a sod of the soil you find below

(Unless otherwise stated, we calculate for stiff clay by default)

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Engineered Solutions

For Your Backyard

GroundPlug International is the largest provider of no-digging steel foundations in Denmark and is inventor of the unique and patented GroundPlug foundation system. We have years of extensive experience as an all-inclusive provider of steel foundations to e.g. the Danish Road Department and the Danish Rail Net. We have teams of highly skilled engineers and professionals managing our product lines, documentation and designs, and ensuring compliance with regulations in the fields and support to clients.