Looking for at smarter foundation solution?

GroundPlug® Foundation SystemTM is a no-dig, no-pour screw pile foundation solution designed for efficient, flexible and highly durable foundation application for residential homes, container structures, modular homes and more.

The patented GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile series can be made-to-measure and come with highly adjustable base plates and connection solutions.

The screw pile foundations are easily installed with a bobcat, mini digger, excavator or truck with hydraulic torque drill attachment.

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GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM
Design - Calculation - Production

Highly adjustable base plates

We offer a large range of highly adjustable base plates as well as made-to-measure connection solutions. Our engineering team will work with you to develop the optimal solution for your structure.

Screw pile foundation

Own certified production facilites

Our GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw piles are produced from high quality steel in our own certified production facilities. Guaranteeing high quality steel, welding and galvanisation according to Australian Standards.

Engineer sign-off

Engineer sign-off for your project?

Our in-house engineers can provide sign-off, certification and documentation for all foundation work and will work together with your team to achieve the best result for your customers.

Reduce your foundation installation time by 85%

  • Fast installation
  • Easy levelling
  • Adjustable base plates
  • Minimal site disturbance
  • Easier reach of bearing soil level

Compliant with Australian Standards

We supply engineered solutions for pre-fabricated & modular homes

GroundPlug International is the largest provider of no-digging steel foundations in Denmark and is inventor of the unique and patented GroundPlug Foundation System.
GroundPLug Railway foundation installation
GroundPlug Foundation

We have years of extensive experience as an all-inclusive provider of steel foundations to e.g. the Danish Road Department and the Danish Rail Net. We have teams of highly skilled engineers and professionals managing our product lines, documentation and designs, and ensuring compliance with regulations in the fields and support to clients. So you can rest assured that with GroundPlug, your are choosing a solid solution for your building project.