How to Build a Shed

Using the GroundPlug Easy Mounting System©

How to build a shed: Building a shed is a pretty straightforward backyard project. The heaviest and most time consuming part of a shed building project is usually getting the support structure and shed footings right. With the GroundPlug Easy Mounting System©, you dont need to dig or pour, you can simply align your beams  and drive in your GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings with common tools.

Adding a bicycle, garden or utility shed to your backyard is a great way of organizing your outdoor equipment. Check out how to build a shed with GroundPlug® TwisterTM shed footings below and see how easy it is to get your beams and support structure in place with the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM.

How to build a shed

Use the GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM for any shed building project

This shed building project was actually built for a small garden sauna of 5,5 m<sup>2</sup> with a tiny front porch of 2,8 m<sup>2</sup> . The shed was placed in a corner of the backyard with slightly slanting terrain.

The sauna was an old converted playhouse. The support frame was built in under an hour, leveled on pavers and wedges and mounted with GroundPlug<sup>®</sup> TwisterTM footings in just 30 minutes.

How to build a shed: Leveling the bearers How to build a shed: Mounting the footings How to build a shed: Easy shed footings How to build a shed: footings How to build a shed: Bearers and joists Shed footings

How to build a shed: Build and level your shed support structure

  1. Combine the beams of your shed support structure
    Combine the wooden beams of the shed foundation with brackets placing beams about 60 cm apart
  2. Set desired height
    Use pavers to position the shed foundation at the required height
  3. Level the shed foundation
    Use a level to check that your shed foundation is horisontally levelled

How to build a shed: Position and mount the shed footings

  1. Position the GroundPlug® TwisterTM shed footings and and drive them into the ground
    Screw the shed footings into the ground using an electric driver, impact wrench or handtool with socket wrench. Align the top of the nut with the bottom of the wooden beams.
  2. Mount the shed footings to the beams
    Bolt the angle brackets to the shed footings and then to the side of the wooden beams using galvanized screws.
  3. Remove temporary supports under wooden beams
    The shed foundation is now ready for the installation or building of  your shed
How the GroundPlug®
Easy Mounting SystemTM works:

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM is a smart no-dig footing solution that consists of:

  • 1 GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footing
  • 1 bracket
  • 1 bolt with washer

The GroundPlug® Easy Mounting SystemTM can be installed fast and easy with commonly available tools in just a few minutes per footing.

Install with common tools
Easy to use - Fast installation
Building a shed? Make it easy with GroundPlug® TwisterTM screw pile footings. No special equipment needed. Installs with a common impact wrench.
DIY Deck building

Products used:

This was a rather light shed building project and had it been just a garden shed for tools, 8-10 GroundPlug® TwisterTM footings would have sufficed. However, seeing as this was a sauna project where up to 4 people are expected to gather on a small area in the sauna at a time, we  used almost double of the GroundPlug® TwisterTM M12/750mm footings. We had very small terrain distance, so for this 5,5 m2 project we used:

*If you have more than 10 cm terrain distance use GroundPlug® TwisterTM M16/750mm or if you are building on sloping ground, combine with   GroundPlug® TwisterTM M16/1000mm. The thicker tube has more carrying capacity for both horizontal and vertical loads.

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How to build a shed
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